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Our mission is to provide the highest level dental services at an affordable price. We offer you a full range of services. Our clinic practices dental treatment and restoration using painless techniques.

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Dr. Benyammi and her staff are excellent. They are highly competent and are a very pleasant, charismatic team
Union City
just finished my first appointment. Dr. Benyammi and her staff are fantastic. The office is nice and comfortable. Overall, great experience. I would definitely recommend her office and I will absolutely go back for future appointments!
Spencer R.
Santa Clarita, CA
Dr. Benyammi RULES - not only is she incredibly gentle, she's incredibly talented and does AMAZING work. She uses the latest technology and provides a clear treatment plan, which i've never been given before by previous dentists, but now wonder how i ever managed without one. I have a SERIOUSLY unhealthy fear of dental work - seriously....but i was calm, relaxed and felt safe the whole time. I am a client for life now... 🙂 You should be too....
Breeox X.
San Francisco, CA
I have been going to Dr. Benyammi for a while now. I can't tell you how great of a Dentist she is. She always makes me feel comfortable and it is always a pain free app. Her staff is friendly and very accommodating. It's in a great location, and has great parking!! I highly recommend her.
Susan S.
Redwood City, CA