Extractions/Oral Surgery/Root Canal

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Extractions/Oral Surgery

At Benyammi Family Dental, we believe in preventing tooth loss whenever possible. However, sometimes, the best option for the long-term health of a patient is tooth removal. In these instances, we can perform an extraction.
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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal can save a tooth from needing to be extracted, even if that tooth has sustained significant damage from decay or injury. It is the recommended treatment in any case where an infection develops in the dental pulp of a tooth. This pulp contains the soft tissue of a tooth. This soft tissue includes the nerves and blood vessels.

Failing to remove pulp that has been compromised by infection eventually will cause the infection to spread to the tissue surrounding a tooth root. Left untreated, the bacteria in the infection can spread to the jawbone and cause the complete loss of the tooth.

Common causes of a tooth infection include the following:

  • A tooth being cracked or chipped
  • Significant decay from a deep cavity
  • Injury to the tooth